August 2015 – Income Protection – Broken Leg – Medical Specialist
Policy in force for 20 years – Second Claim on the same policy

Dear Mark, sincere thanks for your assistance in my claim for injury, and for your consistent and reliable insurance advice over the years. This has been especially important to me as my wife is non income earning and we have 3 [expensive] children.

April 2015 – Income Protection & Business Expenses Claim – Dislocated Finger – Chiropractor
Policy in force less than 3 years 

When seeking advice on income protection insurance Mark Thompson recommended a policy that would pay me from day one if injured from amateur football.  I recently suffered a finger injury that stopped me working for 5 days in my occupation of self-employed Chiropractor.  I would like to thank Mark and Janine for this assistance in organising the paperwork for the claim, which turned out to be seamless.

October 2014 – Income Protection & Business Expenses Claim – Broken Leg & Meningitis
Policy in force less than 4 years &

November 2010 – Income Protection & Business Expenses Claim – Broken Wrist
Policy in force less than 6 months.

“I had just taken on the responsibility of a new practice and was worried that a netball injury might leave me with debts and no income. Mark recommended policies that would protect my projected income and cover business overheads. Sure enough, within 3 months I suffered a broken wrist, which tested the worth of his advice. I am pleased to say that after Mark and Janine sifted through the business figures and assisted with the paperwork both claims were paid in full.”

June 2014 – Death Claim
Widow of Cattle Station Owner
Policy in force 19 years.

Dear Mark, please pass on my thanks and gratitude to Janine for all the work she did to ensure I received David’s death insurance money in a timely manner.  Without her diligence and hours of work I know I would still be waiting for the process to be worked through. Due to her efforts she was able to have the process sped up and I have received the funds much sooner than I would have otherwise. I would also like to thank her for the kindness and understanding she showed me during a very difficult time in my life.

May 2014 – Income Protection – Condition Withheld
Health Professional
Policy in force less than 1 year.  Ongoing Partial Disability Claim Commenced September 2012.

I was cynical about income protection insurance for the first part of my professional career.  I had never had an instance which would have required a claim in the past, so was unsure whether I should take out cover.  However, with a wife to look after and a mortgage to take care of it became a necessity, and Mark was recommended to me by a professional colleague.  A little under a year of taking out income protection insurance I needed to make a claim on my policy, and Mark and Janine were very helpful with expediting this process as much as possible.  They liaised with the insurance company and my medical practitioner to assist with the claim process to try and make the process as smooth as possible and to give me one less to worry about.  I would recommend Mark to anyone who is considering or re-evaluating their income protection insurance.

March 2014 – Income Protection – Neck Condition
Policy in force more than 14 years.  Ongoing Partial Disability Claim Commenced October 2011.

It is with great pleasure I recommend Mark Thompson’s service and advice. Many years ago, as a young professional, I was wooed by a multitude of insurance agents/ financial advisers.  I tried to learn and appreciate what would be best for myself and my family’s insurance needs.  I also believe I am a very good judge of character.  Mark Thompson presented with character, appreciation of my true needs and presented what was in my best interest. I was never over capitalized or oversold.  Through the passage of a great many years and physical decline, I have now found the greatest value in Mark’s company and no less in the untold  support given (and I mean “given”) by Janine, his right hand person. When the chips were down, Mark and Janine sacrificed countless hours on my behalf, representing me to my insurer. I never asked them to do it and have to this day been overwhelmed by their input and leadership. 

May 2013 – Death Claim – Breast Cancer
Death of Spouse
Policy in force more than 17 years.

Sixteen years after we received a trauma insurance benefit because of my wife’s breast cancer, she finally succumbed to the disease in May 2013.  With a young family, one income and extra medical expenses, money from the original trauma benefit cleared our mortgage debt.  My wife’s policy also allowed for the partial restoration of life insurance if she survived for another 12 months.  Every anniversary for 3 years Mark made sure this happened until the insurance was fully replaced.  Although grateful for receiving another insurance benefit after 17 years and its help with expenses, no amount of money can recompense for all the pain, stress and suffering that our family has had and continues to endure after such a long battle with cancer.

March 2013 – Income Protection Claim – Mental Health
Policy in force more than 10 years.

I have known Mark and Janine professionally for 14 years. Recently, I became unable to work due to a mental health condition. Initially, I requested the cancellation of my income protection policy. However, Mark and Janine informed me that I was possibly entitled to some financial assistance via my income protection policy.  As a direct result of Mark and Janine’s competence and compassion, I am now able to more carefully plan my future career path, with the knowledge that my financial needs are currently being met.”

February 2012 – Income Protection Claim – Broken Ankle
‘Policy in force more than 10 years. Waiting period waived. 

It is with gratitude that I would like to thank Mark and Janine for their help in the processing and realisation of the claim regarding my broken ankle. It was an unrelated issue that first alerted Mark to my situation but on receiving the news he was able to act immediately as he knew the details of my policy as well as recent amendments made by the insurer. He was professional, empathetic and prompt in acting on every facet of the claim. His advice to me when developing my professional insurance was invaluable in this instance and reflected my needs when inconvenienced both at work and home. I was always well informed of the status of the claim and had very little trouble in processing any paperwork. I guess it could be said that he helped take the pain out the recovery.”

November 2011 – Income Protection & TPD Claim – Parkinson’s Disease
Mining Environmental Officer
Industry Super Fund in force more than 10 years.

I would like to sincerely thank Mark and Janine for ‘taking over’ and managing all the ‘paperwork’ to do with my claim for income protection insurance and total and permanent disability with my Industry Super Fund.  Without Mark and Janine’s expert assistance I would not even have been able to complete and lodge the initial insurance claim form. Their ability to translate the insurance ‘jargon’ into ‘plain English’ allowed me to understand the claim process and gave me ‘peace of mind’ that I would receive my full entitlements.   They were also able link my doctor directly with the insurance company paying my benefits, bypassing the super fund’s admin.  This without doubt streamlined the processing of my claim.  I firmly believe that without Mark and Janine’s help the settlement of my claims and the payment of my benefits would have dragged on for months longer.”

April 2011 – Trauma, Income Protection & Business Expenses Claim – Melanoma & Broken Ankle
Policies in force less than 2 years. Waiting period waived.

I am sitting here with my broken right ankle in a bucket of iced water after a nasty fall from a ladder, while contemplating that it’s been only 8 weeks since my melanoma was removed successfully.  Yet, I still feel lucky, very lucky indeed that I have income protection insurance, business expenses insurance, trauma insurance and life insurance.  But as you are aware, there was no luck in it, just good planning.  I cannot thank you enough Mark, for sitting down with my accountant and myself and establishing exactly what insurance we needed to protect my family, myself and business.  The fact that we had the right policies in place means I can now sit here with a cold foot and not have any anxiety around paying the bills.  The level of service from you and Janine for the melanoma claim and now the broken ankle was seamless, and for me, effortless.  Many thanks once again.”

February 2011 – Trauma Claim – Angioplasty
Policy in force more than 10 years.

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Mark and Janine for all they have both done in relation to dealing with this claim.  As per usual they have been amazingly efficient and proactive with a minimum of fuss.” 

October 2010 – Income Protection Claim – Football Shoulder Injury
Policy in force less than 12 months.  Waiting period waived.

After a serious football injury, I was concerned about my financial situation. My biggest concern with my insurance policy was the daunting thought that making a claim may be difficult. I was absolutely astounded by how Mark and Janine responded to my needs when I needed them the most. It is obvious that they actually cared for and were sympathetic for my situation. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.”

June 2010 – Business Expenses Claim – Shoulder Injury
Policy in force more than 10 years. Total and Partial Disability.

Dear Mark, I would like to thank both you and Janine for the great effort that you put in to obtaining my Business Expenses money for me, after my injury and surgery.  Had it not been for your diligence and persistence in eliminating the potential for delay in payment of the benefit, I would have been left significantly financially embarrassed.  I thank you not only for this but also for your advice over the years regarding insurance and other financial matters.”

May 2010 – Income Protection & Trauma Claim – Bowel Cancer
Veterinary Surgeon
Policies in force more than 10 years. Waiting period waived. Six months of benefit payments made in advance. 

In early 2010, after the diagnosis of cancer, the long road to recovery was made much easier with the knowledge that my financial future and business were safe.  From the very beginning Mark has been very active in helping to process and expedite claims, at the same time showing the typical support and personal contact that has been part of our long term association.  I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and personal service shown by Mark and his team and would highly recommend them to friends and associates in all matters financial.”

July 2009 – Trauma & Death Claim – Stroke
Spouse of Business Consultant
Policies in force more than 10 years.

Mark and Janine helped in every phase of the process of my husband’s trauma claim and subsequent life insurance claim.  In a time of emotional turmoil, it was reassuring to have people who care and understand insurance supporting me.”

February 2008 – Income Protection & Business Expenses Claim – Benign Bladder Tumour
Spouse of Health Professional
Policies in force more than 10 years.

They say that the proof of how good your insurance or adviser is shown when you have to make a claim.  Recently, we were placed in a position to do just that, and Mark has proven that he is the best in the business, together with Janine, his invaluable assistant.  Both were attentive, diligent and competent in the manner in which they advised and processed our claim.  The claim involved 2 policies with different insurers and subsequently both companies paid their claims promptly.  We believe that this favourable outcome was the result of Mark’s guidance and advice about which policies are best suited to our individual requirements.  Sincere thanks to both of you.”

August 2007 – Trauma Claim – Loss of Hearing
Financial Planner
Policy in force more than 10 years.

I am a Financial Planner, but when it comes to insurance I rely on a specialist.  Mark’s analysis of my trauma policy definitions and his recommendation to retain my old policy rather than replacing it, meant the difference between me receiving a full benefit payment and nothing.  Yes, I could have upgraded the quality of some core definitions such as Cancer and Heart Attack, but this would have seen the downgrade of the definition of the very condition for which I was most likely to eventually claim.  I am glad I followed Mark’s advice and am very grateful for his guidance and input throughout the claims process.”

May 2007 – Death & Terminal Illness Claim – Death of Spouse
Health Professional
Term Life Policy in force more than 10 years. Terminal Illness benefit received within a week after application for payment. Trauma benefit paid out 3 years earlier.

Losing my life partner was so unpredictable it seemed more likely that we would get hit by a random asteroid……….  We are getting on with a new life now.  Having the right insurance was critical for this to occur.  I was a workaholic and loving it because I had my partners support at home.  I needed to be at home to be super mum and super dad.  Insurance allowed me to change lanes.  I backed off to 4 half days a week of work so I could transport, feed, love and listen to my three precious children.  One child needed time off school because the grief was so intense. Without harping on it, if I had poor insurance, I couldn’t have been there for her when she needed me most.”

November 2006 – Income Protection & Business Expenses – Brain Aneurysm
Policies in force more than 10 years.

Most people can tell if a person acting on their behalf is genuinely conscientious or just going through the motions.  When processing my claim, Mark and Janine seemed concerned, proactive and tireless. Without fail, they returned my phone calls and attempted to answer my questions clearly.  I was very happy with their efforts and thoroughly recommend their service.”

November 2005 – Income Protection & Trauma Claim – Breast Cancer
Spouse of Health Professional
Trauma policies in force for less than 2 years. Income protection monthly benefit paid for 6 years before client returning to full time employment. 

The advice you gave at the time was to increase our trauma insurance, not life insurance, as “you need the money when you’re sick, not when you’re dead”…..The combination of trauma insurance and income protection insurance that was in place meant that (S) could approach the extremely difficult course of her treatment without the additional burden of financial pressure.”

October 2003 – Trauma Claim – Breast Cancer
Practice Manager
Trauma Policy in force less than 5 years.  This client died in 2007.

I would also like to thank you Mark, for the persuasive “pressure” you exerted on my husband and myself to take out the insurance for me in the first place.  First of all, working in the health industry and having health as the paramount focus in our lives, we were one of the ones who thought this could never happen to us.  ….…  We totally under estimated the impact that this would have on the focus of my husband and the business, and how much I needed him to be there to support me.  This policy has meant that we have been able to do that and take a much needed holiday, without stressing about money.”